Just by being here,
your soul will be refreshed.

Origins of our room names

The room names Kamiji, Shimaji, Isuzu, Uji and Ominato all come from place names around Ise Jingu. The mountainous area to the south of the Inner Shrine is Kamiji Mountain. That to the East is Shimaji Mountain. These areas form the basins for the Kamiji and Shimaji rivers which flow into the Isuzu River, a Class A river, which in turn flows through Ise City. The bridge suspended over the Isuzu River at the entrance to the Inner Shrine is the Uji Bridge; named for the area in front of the shrine. Ominato is the name of the town at the mouths of the Isuzu and Miya rivers.

A special room with an open outdoor bath looking onto a garden as well as a terrace.
These are the most luxurious guest rooms we have prepared for you.

Shiojitei – A place where warm hearted hospitality is at its best

Size:84m2  Capacity:4people  Rooms:1room

Enjoy the luxury of our hotel to your heart’s content.

Size:63m2  Capacity:4people  Rooms:4room

  • A Japanese Robe Dyed with Ise Cut Paper

    A Japanese Robe Dyed
    with Ise Cut Paper

    For women who stay in our Special Room with Outdoor Bath, we have prepared a Japanese robe dyed using Ise Cut Paper. When you slip your arms into the sleeves of a robe dyed a rich color with Ise Cut Paper, you will feel connected to our traditional culture.

    • Only available free of charge to women who stay in Shiojitei’s Special Room with Outdoor Bath.
    • Only for use within Shiojitei.
  • Shiojitei's own - Toba Literary Calendar
    We are devoted to the culture and history of Mie and Japan.
    We have a special collection of books on Ise Jingu and pilgrimages to Ise. Relax while enjoying the culture of Mie and Japan.
    For a more relaxing stay, this room features extra special hospitality.
    Our full service hospitality includes a refrigerator with complimentary drinks, a coffee machine and pajamas.
  • Entrance and Hallway of the Private Area Hallway of the Private Area

    A refined private space for you

    The Special Room with Outdoor Bath has its own security lock to provide you with a quiet, private space to spend time relaxing.

  • Security Lock Screen Security Lock Screen
    • The password for the private security lock for the Special Room with Outdoor Bath will be given to guests upon check in.
  • amenities

    Bath amenities made with pearls.

    Rooms come supplied with shampoo, conditioner and body soap by Mikimoto Cosmetics, a local business. Mikimoto Cosmetics uses amino acid, minerals and collagen which can only be derived from pearls and pearl oysters which have a special composition. The secret to Mikimoto Cosmetics moisturizing is these three rare natural ingredients. Not using pearls always leaves something to be desired.

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