Enjoy to the fullest the bounty of specially selected
local ingredients from Japan’s “gourmet paradise.”

Shiraishi and Kiyoishi

The names Dining Shiraishi and Teppanyaki Kiyoishi come from the white stones (shiraishi) and pure stones (kiyoishi) spread around the main building of Ise Jingu. Every 20 years during the famous White Stone Ceremony (Oshiraishimochi) the stones are replaced with new ones as part of the renewal ceremonies of Ise Grand Shrine.

Get your fill of fresh foods from Ise-Shima and specially selected,
scrumptious ingredients from throughout Japan; all in just the right season.

View of Toshi Island Fishing Harbor View of Toshi Island Market View of Toshi Island Market

Buying seasonal ingredients at Toshijima market

At Shiojitei we present you with the fresh bounty of the seas purchased in the markets of Toshijima and caught in Ise Bay (Jingu’s Entrance). To serve you the perfect foods for the season, our chefs go themselves on buying trips to Toshijima market. In spring, we especially recommend skipjack, in summer, conger eel and abalone, in fall, spiny lobster and in winter, yellowtail. Enjoy the bounty of the seas of Ise, Shima and Toba.

We are ready for any type of celebration.

For guests celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, we can prepare a dessert plate with a special message.
We can also prepare whole cakes for purchase.

Please inform us of the message in advance. Please order whole cakes at least 4 days in advance.