DiningYou will enjoy the blessing from Ise-Shima, skills of the chef, and flavor of the seasons.


Eating Mie Pref. specialities including Spiny lobster,Abalone and Matsusaka beef.

You can savor fresh produce from Ise-Shima and hand-picked delicious food from all over the country in their best season.
Local produce and vegetables from our garden.

Luxury dining in a fine quality private space.

Please enjoy dishes that are made with produce from the sea and food of the land and from Ise-Shima at Dining “Shiraishi”.
We have half private room where you can spend relaxing time.

Deep hospitality of Japan in a frame of hotel French.
It is a truly delicious encounter.

Dining Shiraishi

Dining "Shiraishi"

Enjoy seasonal food that are in season.

At Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”, we cook selected local catch such as lobsters and Matsusaka beef right in front of your eyes.
Please enjoy fresh food finished by our chefs.

Experience stimulating cuisine from a beautiful country of Ise-Shima is cooked dynamically on Teppan.

Teppan-yaki Kiyoishi

Teppan-yaki "Kiyoishi"

Fresh vegetables grown in our own garden.
Since we want to provide delicious, fresh, and high quality food that is grown locally, we have our own garden.
We grow 20 vegetable such as tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, carrots, potatoes, Manganji hot peppers, green peppers, white bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins without using pesticides, and use them for dinner and breakfast for our guests.
*Not all vegetable used at Shiojitei is grown in our garden.
Savor the local sake
At Shiojitei, we have various types of local drinks available such as Shinto Beer, Daiginjo Hanzo, Hayase, Shima Tairyo, and Ruminoko no Sake.
  • Shinto Beer

  • Daiginjo Hanzo

  • Hayase

We get seasonal produce at Toshi Island Market
At Shiojitei, we get produce from the market in
Toshi Island so our guest can enjoy fresh and seasonal dishes.
We recommend katsuo in spring, pike conger and abalone in summer,
lobster in fall, and yellow tail in winter.
Please enjoy the food from the sea from Ise-Shima

Head Chef



Stay at Shiojitei if you are visiting Ise-shima and Toba

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