A quiet, tranquil and
pure atmosphere.

Origins of our room names

The names Sugashima, Sakate, Ohama and Asama come from local islands and mountains. Sugashima is an island in Toba Bay and is famous for Japan’s oldest brick lighthouse. People say “If you don’t go to Asama, it’s only half a pilgrimage” because pilgrims visit Asama after Ise Jingu. These names bring to mind the local culture and history. We have created a place that emphasizes the charm and aesthetic sense of Japan where you can breathe easily and rest to your heart’s content. Entrust yourself to us.

These rooms are designed with the serenity of Japan.
Some have verandas and anterooms so you can choose whichever suits the size and needs of your group.
Futons are spread on the tatami so even children can rest easily.

Size:86  Capacity:2people  Rooms:2room

Size:8+Ante Room  Capacity:2people  Rooms:2room

Capacity:2people、4people、6people  Rooms:3room、5room、3room

Other rooms