This beautiful, refined space has
all the top quality comforts you desire.

Surround yourself in the cultural traditions of Mie.

At Shiojitei, we start with traditional crafts and let you touch the diverse culture and history of Mie. Our hotel has works of Ise Cut Paper and Ise Cotton, books and a photo gallery on Ise Jingu, elaborate decorations and meals as well as souvenirs. While staying with us you will enjoy the culture of Mie to the fullest.
There is not only faith in Ise Grand Shrine, but also a wide range of deep rooted culture here. By experiencing each of these, you will deeply feel what it is to travel around Mie.

Starting with the lobby lounge where you can enjoy our garden and views of Toba Bay,
we are meticulous in our aim to provide you with comfort while you stay at our fully equipped facilities.
  • Ise Cut Paper

    To make Ise Cut Paper, Mino paper is stuck together with persimmon tannin and small knives are used to cut out delicate patterns.
    These fine patterns and motifs are used in the dyeing of fabric for kimono.
    This traditional craft has a history of over 1000 years and is an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan.

    Ise Cut Paper Ise Cut Paper
  • Ise Library

    Here you can read local material on Ise Jingu, Toba and Shima as well as the history of Ise Jingu.
    You can enjoy it in your room or in our lobby lounge, Sanoka.

    Ise Library Ise Library
  • Wood Deck Terrace

    Indulge in opulence as you watch the regular ferries taking people to outlying island
    and the occasional luxury cruise ship weave through your view of Toba Bay.

    Wood Deck Terrace, Shioka Wood Deck Terrace, Shioka
  • Lobby Lounge "Sanoka"

    This is a space for you to enjoy refreshments such as soft drinks, cheesecake and alcoholic beverages while gazing at the beauty of Toba Bay,
    night scenery and our luxuriant garden. We have a library with many books on Ise Grand Shrine.
    Have fun reading or sitting together with friends while the scent of tea gently wafts in the air.

    Lobby Lounge Sanoka Lobby Lounge Sanoka
    Hours 9:00-11:00 and 14:00-22:00
  • Shop "Mikura"

    Beautiful Mie has a special place in the heart of Japanese people and it is only here you can enjoy
    our traditional crafts and shops with famous sweets that can boast of over 300 years of history.
    We have gathered the most resplendent examples of the items Mie Brand has to offer.
    Hold our history and culture in your hands.

    shop Mikura shop Mikura
    Hours 8:00-11:00 / 14:00-20:00