FacilitiesAs you relax in deep the sofa, it will touch the soul of a traveler.


Information on the facility

Premium facility such as lobby lounge where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Toba bay and thorough hospitality will provide you comfortable stay.

Information map of the facility

Lobby lounge and reception for check in is located on the second floor.
“Tokowaka no Yu”, “Terrace Shioka” garden, and premium suite room are located on the second floor.
Guestrooms are from 3rd floor to 5th floor.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and night scenery of Toba bay and garden rich in greenly at the lobby lounge.

  • Lobby Lounge SanokaLobby Lounge"Sanoka"

    You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and night scenery of Toba bay and garden rich in greenly here while having drinks, cheesecake, alcohol and snacks. We also have a library that has books related to Ise Jingu . Please enjoy relaxing reading time and chatting while being surrounded by the gentle scent of tea.

    Hours 9:00~11:00/14:00~22:00

“Sanoka” Menu
  • A glass of draft beer¥811
  • Local beer¥919
  • Non-alcoholic beer¥811
  • Kumano tangerine juice¥1,080
  • Japanese style black tea¥540
  • Coffee¥540
  • Cheesecake (Plain)¥367
  • Cheesecake set¥864

*We have other menu available as well.

  • LibraryLibrary

    You can check out local information on Ise, Shima, and Toba and historical material of Ise Jingu . You can enjoy it in your room, lobby lounge, “Sanoka”.

  • Shop MikuraShop"Mikura"

    We have various items such as traditional artworks unique to “beautiful Mie” the hometown of Japanese spirit as well as sweets of famous brand who has 300 years of history. You can pick up and see Mie brand artworks.

    Hours 8:00~20:30

Restaurant where you can savor the blessing of Ise-Shima.

  • Dining ShiraishiDining"Shiraishi"

    At the restaurant Dining “Shiraishi”, you can enjoy dishes that use lots of food from the land and sea of Ise while enjoying the elegant view of renovated garden, “Terrace Shioka”.

    Hours 7:00~10:00(L.O.)/17:30~20:30(L.O.)

    Dining "Shiraishi"

  • Teppan-yaki KiyoishiTeppan-yaki"Kiyoishi"

    At a new restaurant in Shiojitei, Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”, we cook selected local produce such as lobsters and Matsuzaka beef right in front of your eyes. Please enjoy fresh food finished by our chefs.

    Hours 11:30~13:30(L.O.)/17:30~20:30(L.O.)

    Teppan-yaki "Kiyoishi"

The large public bath "Hot Springs Tokowaka no Yu" with 2 types of hot springs

  • Hot Spring TokowakanoyuHot Spring"Tokowakanoyu"

    The indoor bath is approved as high quality medical treatment hot spring so it has various effects. Pearl Aurora Bath has mixture of substance originated from pearl. Rare substances of pearl that can only extracted by pearl and pearl oyster, “pearl conchiolin, pure pearl mineral and pearl collagen”, will turn your skin into “pearl skin” that shines like pearls.

    Hours 5:30~11:00/13:00~24:00

You can deeply relax by bathing in sea breeze and sun.

Wood Deck at"Terrace Shioka"

You can spend luxurious time while viewing the Toba bay with liners connecting the bay to islands, luxurious liners that stop by during the tour.



Stay at Shiojitei if you are visiting Ise-shima and Toba

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