Whisper from the sea, invitation from the sea breeze.
Hospitality from the village of pearl


Shiojitei welcomes you
from the bottom of our hearts
so today will be a special day for you.
Our joy is to make you happy.

Our staffs are always smiling.
They learn from our customers everyday to
offer you better hospitality.

Sent to you who loves traveling
from the cape of Toba bay.

Eating seasonal produce while it is in season
You can savor fresh produce from Ise-Shima and hand-picked
delicious food from all over the country in their best season.
Deep hospitality of Japan in a frame of hotel French
It is a truly delicious encounter.
Please enjoy dishes that are made with produce from the sea and food of the land and from Ise-Shima at Dining “Shiraishi”.
  • Grilled Beef with Red Wine Sauce
  • Dining "Shiraishi"
  • Grilled Fresh Abalone (still alive when cooked)
  • Grilled Prawns and Fresh Fish with Steamed Vegetables topped with Colbert Sauce
  • Seasonal appetizers in small bowls

Dining "Shiraishi"

Sense stimulating blessing from a beautiful country of Ise-Shima is cooked dynamically on teppan.
At Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”, we cook selected local produce such as lobsters and Matsuzaka beef right in front of your eyes.
Please enjoy fresh food finished by our chefs.
  • Cooking scene
  • Lobster
  • Black Japanese Beef Steak
  • Grilled Fresh Abalone (still alive when cooked)
  • Matsuzaka beef grilled on a porcelain tile

Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”

Guests staying in Shiojitei can choose dinner from either Dining “Shiraishi” or Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”.
(Reservation is required for Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”.)

Pearl Aurora Bath was developed for the first time in Japan by
who succeeded in farming pearls for the first time in the world, just for Shiojitei.

Pearl Aurora Bath

Pearl Aurora Bath has mixture of substance originated from pearl.
Rare substances of pearl that can only extracted by pearl and pearl oyster,
“pearl conchiolin, pure pearl mineral and pearl collagen”,
will turn your skin into “pearl skin” that shines like pearls.


Rooms with the spirit of Mie
Rooms are decorated with traditional artwork Ise Katagami, and Ise Cotton is used for the cushions.
For women staying in the premium suite, Yukata dyed with Ise Katagami is available.
Special room with open air bath
Japanese modern twin room is a mixture between Japanese and Western style.
Pure Japanese room has calm and clean arrangements.
Pure Japanese room has calm and clean arrangements.


Accommodation plan
  • Not Ready.

List of accommodation plan

Facility information

Premium facility such as lobby lounge where you can enjoy the
beautiful view of Toba bay and thorough hospitality
will provide you comfortable stay.

Truly relaxing time with beautiful view to yourself



Stay at Shiojitei if you are visiting Ise-shima and Toba

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