Extremely luxurious foods only
to be had in this area

Dining Shiraishi Dining Shiraishi


Foods which are offered to the gods are called “shinsen.” There are cooked and uncooked shinsen and at Shiraishi the theme of the food we prepare is cooked shinsen. Since ancient times these foods have been dedicated at Ise Jingu. For 1500 years, without a break, shinsen have been offered up twice a day in the morning and evening as part of a Shinto ceremony. Here we have the “food of the gods” which have come down to us from the distant past.

Here you can enjoy dishes with the generous bounty of the seas and
the mountains to your heart’s content in a sophisticated private atmosphere.

Satisfy your eyes and mind as well
with flavorful seasonal cuisine.

We offer foods similar to those of shinsen so you can continue to feel the calm emotion of a pilgrimage to Ise Grand Shrine. We are very particular not only about using plenty of seasonal local ingredients but also the presentation, variety of dishes and even the palette of the food. We offer dishes such as spiny lobster on a heated stone and pay attention to small details, even to the way the cover is removed before your eyes. Here you can truly say you have enjoyed a great meal.

  • A Dish Made with Seasonal Ingredients A Dish Made with Seasonal Ingredients

A Dish Made with Seasonal Ingredients

Get your fill of fresh foods from Ise-Shima and specially selected,
scrumptious ingredients from throughout Japan; all in just the right season.

Dinner - Two sessions
from 17:30-19:30 and 19:45-21:45

*Please contact us for other times.

Menus subject to change based on seasonal availability.

Meal prices on menus include tax and service charge.

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Welcome the start of a new day with the bounty of the season. Breakfast at Shiojitei is healthy, luxurious and brimming with color. Our theme here is eating what is raised in that season and you will find those vegetables and other ingredients arranged with modern Japanese style. Each item is carefully prepared to perfection with an artisan’s skill and care, so be sure to fully enjoy the wide variety available.
The Miito rice grown in Ise and juice made from pesticide free vegetables from our own kitchen are very popular.

Breakfast time from 7:00-10:00(9:30Last Order)

*Menu subject to change depending on season.
Banko Ware

Banko Ware Made in Mie

The food at Shiraishi is served on traditionally crafted Banko ware from Mie. Originating in the Edo period, it has superior heat resistance and even today their products, mainly pots and teapots, are used throughout the country. As you enjoy the color shape and texture of this pottery, be sure to satisfy yourself to your heart’s content with local foods and the dining culture of Mie.