Luxury dining in a fine quality private space

Please enjoy dishes that are made with produce from the sea and food of the land and from Ise-shima at Dining “Shiraishi”.
We have half private rooms where you can spend a relaxing time.

We have half private rooms where you can spend a relaxing time.

*Please understand that there are seats that is not next to the window.

We select local seasonal food such as lobster and abalone.
You can savor the blessing of the season that you can enjoy right there and then.
We are proud to offer you the specially selected ingredients that the head chef himself went and picked.
Also, we are really careful about how the dishes are cooked to maximize
the flavor of the ingredient and the timing that dishes are served.
The tables at the restaurants are half private rooms where you can enjoy your privacy.
Please spend a luxurious relaxing time in calm atmosphere.
You can see the Japanese garden right outside of the window.
You can also see Toba bay far away and enjoy the view unique to the season.

Hand picked ingredients from Ise-shima and fresh vegetables in our own garden in Shima hand crafted
  • Miitomai
    Miitomai rice used for breakfast is made in Miito area in Ise. This rice is safe and worry-free and you can see the face of the farmer. It is moist and sticky.
  • Lobster
    Lobsters are in season from fall to winter. When in season, the meat is firm and more delicious.
  • Matsuzaka Beef
    It is one of the best beef in Japan. You can verify that it is Matsuzaka beef from the certificate.
  • Abalone
    Toba and Shima area in Mie has a rias coastline so it is great fishing area. Abalones are in season from the spring to the summer.
  • Vegetable from our garden
    We use a lot of vegetable grown without pesticide in our garden operated by our staff in Shima.
  • Seafood
    Seafood stocked from Toba Toshi Island is very fresh.
Enjoy fine quality cuisine using specially selected ingredients.
  • Grilled Beef with Red Wine Sauce

  • Lobster and assorted fish

  • Grilled Prawns and Fresh Fish with Steamed Vegetables topped with Colbert Sauce

Dinner Information
We offer modern Kaiseki, traditional “French food” of Toba International Hotel fused with “Japanese food”, in a fine quality private space.
You can enjoy fresh ingredient form Ise-shima and specially selected delicious ingredient from all over the country when they are in season and most delicious to eat.
(Hours) 17:30 to 20:30 (Last order)

< Dinner set menu >

  • ・Standard ¥8,640
  • ・Mikaku ¥12,960
  • ・Chef’s special selection ¥17,280
  • ・Chef’s recommendations ¥27,000

*Dishes are some examples.

Dinner time
We may not be able seat you if it is crowded. If you want to dine at a certain time, please let us know beforehand.
Breakfast information
Your day starts with unique breakfast at Shiojitei that consists of seasonal blessing, luxurious and colorful healthy food.
With a concept of eating seasonal food while it is season, seasonal food and ingredients are arranged in Japanese style.
Pleas enjoy many different kinds of dishes cooked carefully by our skilled chefs.
“Miitomai rice” and vegetable juice made with no-pesticide vegetable grown in our garden is very popular.
*Menu changes depends on the season.
(Hours) 7:00 to 10:00 (Last order)

Refreshing and breakfast that is great for your body using fresh ingredient from Ise-shima.

From the head chef to our guests
We made modern twist to our food so it is great for your body and enjoyable to your eyes.
We welcome you with dishes that you can enjoy
the warmest hospitality and food that you can feel the changing season with your 5 senses.



Stay at Shiojitei if you are visiting Ise-shima and Toba

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