Use your room extravagantly and
completely unwind.

Origins of our room names

These two room names come from islands found in the mouth of Ise Bay, Kamijima and Toshijima. Kamijima (god island) is believed to be an island ruled by gods. It is famous as the setting for Yukio Mishima’s novel “The Sound of Waves.” Toshijima is the largest outlying island in Ise Bay and prospers in the fishing industry. Our chefs visit the island in the hotel’s private boat to purchase fish. Is this large space you can feel the culture of Mie and recall the relaxed way of life of these historical islands. Live opulently here and take time to relax.

Unwind in two adjoining 10 tatami and 8 tatami rooms.
The paper sliding doors and carved wooden transoms in the Kamijima room are
decorated with motifs used in Ise Cut Paper.
The wooden transoms are assembled using an intricate technique that does not require nails.
The Toshijima room can be divided using sliding paper doors and has two wash basins
so it is recommended for two families traveling together.

Size:108  Capacity:6people  Rooms:1room

Size:108  Capacity:6people  Rooms:1room

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