Feel the Sea and the Unique Comfort of Mie

Modern Japanese Twin

The serenity of Japan and the comfort of the West create a space for you to feel relaxed and at ease.
The interior decoration features Ise Cotton and Ise Cut Paper.
You will feel the history and culture of Mie and sleep like never before in our premium bedding.

A place for you to feel calm and
ease away the fatigue of travel

In this calm, refined modern room appointed with Ise Cotton and Ise Cut Paper you will relax while feeling close to the history and culture of Mie.

  • Modern Japanese Twin Modern Japanese Twin

Hospitality that lets you sleep like never before

Whatever height or firmness of pillow you need, we will find one that satisfies our guests’ wishes.
Very soft and warm, guaranteed to keep you toasty and snug in winter.
Here several layers are combined to conform to any sleeping position and serve as a cushion between your body and the floor. This bedding will also keep your body in the proper posture for a good night’s rest.
This layer blocks cold from rising from the floor so you will not feel a chill when first getting in the futon. This lets you fall asleep faster.
Filled with down for its superior insulation properties and light weight. You will stay warm and sleep easy.

Room details

You will find amenities by Mikimoto Cosmetics of the MIKIMOTO Group, the first company in the world to successfully raise cultured pearls.

Floor 3-5F
Number of rooms 24 Rooms
Size 34m2
Capacity 3 people
Check in 14:00–(Check out 11:00)
Room equipment and goods Electric pot, TV, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, tea setPants press, HumidifierPlease inform us of your needs when making your reservation or upon check in.
Special feature Mikimoto Cosmetics Amenity
Tea set / Non smoking
Amenity Yukata, obi, tanzen, towel, bathrobe, pajama, toothbrush, hair brush, razor, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, face wash, cleansingWe have Mikimoto Cosmetics’ shampoo, conditioner, body soap.
Floor plan
Modern Japanese Twin Size34m2 Floor plan

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