Cleanse your body and soul – Relieve the fatigue of travel in the Always Young bath house.


As the name Tokowaka (Always Young) implies, the theme of Shiojitei’s bath house in staying young. This does not mean young in years but to always have a fresh and youthful vigor. In the same way, there is a deep meaning in the fact that Ise Grand Shrine is rebuilt and the sacred treasures are renewed once every 20 years. This ceremony has continued to be performed for 1300 years. To remain always young, cleanse your mind and body while thinking about the history and traditions that continue in this area.

At Tokowaka you can enjoy two different baths, the Pearl Aurora bath and the Therapy bath.
In the outdoor Pearl Aurora bath you can leisurely enjoy soaking
in the components of pearls while easing away your cares.
The moisturizing effects of pearl conchiolin and collagen will gently make your skin moist and soft.
The large Therapy bath is said to relieve tiredness, chills and joint problems and heal the fatigue of daily life.

Outdoor BathPearl Aurora Bath

Your skin will be renewed and shine like pearls.

  • Pearl Aurora Bath Pearl Aurora Bath


Mikimoto Cosmetics of the MIKIMOTO Group developed the Pearl Aurora bath to premiere at Shiojitei.
Because of special components, such as pearl conchiolin, pure pearl minerals and pearl collagen,
only found in pearls the Pearl Aurora bath will make your skin shine like pearls.
The sparkling quality of the pearl bath will give you an extraordinary feeling.
*The Pearl Aurora bath is not a natural Onsen.

Take time to relax in the great openness
of an outdoor bath.

  • the great openness of an outdoor bath the great openness of an outdoor bath

Special Seasonal Colors

Enjoy the different seasonal differences in the Pearl Aurora bath.
From June 1st to September 30th the limited seasonal color in the stone bath is blue
and from November 1st to February 28th it is gold.

  • Summer only -Ryo

    Dissolves and removes keratin on the surface of the skin and leaves it supple and may increase metabolism. The soft, smooth bath water will make your skin feel clean, refreshed and cool.

  • Winter only -Uruoy

    The moisturizing properties of the bath will create a veil around your skin. After your bath you will stay warmer and will be less likely to suffer from the cold. Recommended for oversensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders and lower back pain.

Pearl Aurora Bath Development Story

Women all over the world
will adorn their necks with pearls.

These words were said by Kokichi Mikimoto (Founder of Mikimoto Corporation) at an audience with Emperor Meiji on the occasion of the Imperial visit to Ise Grand Shrine in the year Meiji 38 (1905). At this time Kokichi had already succeeded in cultivating semi round pearls and was doing further research toward creating perfectly round ones.
Because of Kokichi’s success in cultivating pearls, as he said, pearls have become familiar to people around the world.

If only women around the world could soak themselves at their leisure in pearls.

As the Heisei era came about, people at the Mikimoto research and development team looked at pearls split in two. They dreamed that people could soak their whole bodies in the rare components of pearls such as pearl conchiolin that were useful to the skin. This dream was the start of The Development of the Pearl Aurora Bath.

Large public bathTherapy bath

The Therapy bath will heal the fatigue of daily life.

  • The large Therapy bath The large Therapy bath

The large Therapy bath is said to help with recovering from daily fatigue, chills, joint pain and muscle aches.
Since it opened it has been patronized by many guests.
Relax by leisurely soaking in both the Therapy bath and the adjoining Pearl Aurora bath.

Effects and components of the Therapy bath

The most significant effect of the bath is that it helps people avoid chills and stay warm because it is packed with sodium and other salts.
It is also used to kill germs on wounds and gives relief from fatigue, chills, joint problems and muscle aches.

Components Sodium and Salt Bath
Effects Relief from Fatigue Chills Joint Problems Muscle Aches

Basic information

We have a comfortable powder room, drinks for after the bath, and amenities of Mikimoto Cosmetics that is only available at Toba International Hotel and Shiojitei.

  • Dry sauna
    Dry sauna
  • Makeup table at "Tokowaka no Yu"
    Makeup table
    at "Tokowaka no Yu"
  • Makeup table at "Tokowaka no Yu"
    Makeup table
    at "Tokowaka no Yu"
  • Mikimoto Cosmetics Products only available at Toba International Hotel and Shiojitei.
    Mikimoto Cosmetics Products only available at Toba International Hotel and Shiojitei.

    We have shampoo, conditioner, and body soap from the local company, Mikimoto Cosmetics.

  • Black bean tea
    Black bean tea

    After your bath be sure to get plenty of liquids such as the water or black soybean tea we have prepared.

  • Amenity

    We have cleansing, face wash, lotion, cream from Mikimoto Cosmetics.

Hours 6:00-10:30 and 13:00-24:00
Amenity Bath towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, skincare products, face towel bath: cleansing, face wash, face lotion, and cream
Fee Free for guests of Shiojitei and Toba Hotel International Guests of Toba Hotel International who use the Pearl Spa by Mikimoto Cosmetics may also go to use Shiojitei’s baths free of charge.(Subject to hours of operation)
There is, however, a 150 yen per person spa tax.
Attention The Pearl Aurora bath is not a natural Onsen.
The following people are strictly prohibited from entering the baths.
  • People with Japanese or Western tattoos
  • People who are intoxicated
  • Members or associates of anti-social groups
  • People with cameras, video cameras or cell phones with cameras