Luxurious special room with open air bath facing Japanese traditional garden.
The newly built premium suite has open air bath, deck terrace, and large size room where you can have higher class stay.
It is great for a special day for a couple to spend glorious and special time.

You can relax your body and soul in the private open air bath and deck terrace.
Living room is an extremely comfortable area with living room set.
It is built for you to enjoy the relaxation of Japanese room and comfort of Western room with a bedroom.

  • Deck terrace
  • Bedroom
  • Open air bath
  • Deck terrace
  • Powder room
Outside the window, there is the open air bath that will let you forget your daily life and relaxes your mind.
You can see the expression of seasons from the deck terrace with open air bath and spend glorious time.
You can forget about the bustle of daily life and spend quiet private time.
  • The view from the room
    will give you relaxation and peaceful mind.

    Guest room

  • You can spend glorious time in the large open air bath.

    Open air bath

  • Luxury of doing nothing
    while looking at the greenly of the trees.

    Deck terrace

    ※Smoking is allowed at the deck terrace.

The floor of the premium floor
is locked with the pin code.
It is a special area
with high security.

Floor plan

Living room has living room set and bed room has 2 single beds. The powder room has amenity from MIKIMOTO COSMETICS.
It is a special area where you can relax with deck terrace that has open air bath and deck chair.

Guest room with open air bath Premium Suite 84m2
Number of rooms
1 room
4 people
Check in
14:00-(Check out 11:00)
Special feature
Open air bath (It is not hot spring)
Deck terrace (Smoking is allowed)
Floor security lock
Ise Katagami Yukata rental (for women only)
Japanese room + Western room Bed type
Tea set / Non smoking
Japanese garden(not ocean view)

Room where you can experience the traditional culture of Mie close by.

The room is decorated with the national important intangible cultural asset, “Ise Katagami” which is the traditional artwork.
Ise Katagami is a paper pattern for dying kimono with fine pattern.
It is made with Mino Japanese paper bind together with persimmon tannin and cut up in detailed pattern with a small knife.
It is a traditional artwork tool with hundreds of years of history and is designated as an important intangible cultural asset of the country.

Yukata dyed using Ise Katagami is available for rent.

Yukata dyed using Ise Katagami is available for rent.
For female customers staying in the premium suite of Shiojitei, we have yukata dyed using Ise Katagami.
I hope you can feel the traditional culture close to you by wearing the yukata dyed using Ise Katagami.
  • It is only available for women who stay in the premium suite.
  • The rental is free of charge. You can wear it inside of Shiojitei only.

We have amenity from “MIKIMOTO COSMETICS” of MIKIMOTO Group who was successful in farming pearls for the first time in the world.

“Amino acid”, “mineral”, and “collagen” produced only from pearl.


We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, face lotion, cleansing, milky lotion, and cream from the local company, MIKIMOTO COSMETICS.
Amino acid, mineral and collagen contained in the products of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS are extracted only from pearls and pearl oyster.
MIKIMOTO COSMETICS' secret of the moisture is these three scares natural ingredients that cannot be found anywhere but from pearls.
  • Tea setTea set

    We have tea set that you can enjoy the local Ise tea. We also have coffee machine and herb tea.

  • Sofa setSofa set

    Living room has sofa set where you can relax and spend the most comfortable time.

  • Floor
  • Number of rooms
  • Size
  • Maximum capacity
Room equipment and goods

Electric pot, TV, safe, refrigerator, tea set, coffee service, herb tea, music player, DVD player, humidifier and air purifier, night steamer, and open air bath

Pants press
*Please ask for one when you make reservation and when you stay here.


Yukata, obi, tanzen, towel, bathrobe, pajama, toothbrush, hair brush, razor, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, face wash, face lotion, cleansing, milky lotion, and cream

We have MIKIMOTO COSMETICS’ shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, face lotion, cleansing, milky lotion, and cream.

Look for the accommodation plan in the Premium Suite 84m2

tripadviser 2018

Trip Advisor Award
Shiojitei received the “2018 Certificate of excellence “from the largest trip review site in the world, Trip Advisor”. This is only given to the selected hotels that provide excellent service continuously.



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