Let your emotions unwind while enjoying
the beauty of multicolored patterns.


The Japanese paper doors and transoms are decorated with traditional patterns used in Ise Cut Paper.
Fretwork transoms are made with small diameter trees such as Japanese cypress and white cedar which are abundant in Japan.
This way of using the limited materials available with respect is thought to have come from Japan’s unique culture.

A room that embodies the culture of Mie

This is a calm, refined modern room. Here we have decorated with Ise Cotton and Ise Cut Paper so you can relax while getting in touch with the culture and history of Mie. With an 8 tatami room, a 10 tatami room and two bathrooms, three generations or two families can use this room in comfort.

  • Special Japanese Room [KAMISHIMA] Special Japanese Room [KAMISHIMA]

Room details

You will find amenities by Mikimoto Cosmetics of the MIKIMOTO Group, the first company in the world to successfully raise cultured pearls.

Floor 4F
Number of rooms 1 Room
Size 10 tatami + 8 tatami
Capacity 6 people
Check in 14:00–(Check out 11:00)
Room equipment and goods Electric pot, TV, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, hair dryerPants press, HumidifierPlease ask for one when you make reservation and when you stay here.
Special feature Mikimoto Cosmetics Amenity
Tea set / Non smoking
Amenity Yukata, obi, tanzen, towel, bathrobe, pajama, toothbrush, hair brush, razor, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, face wash, cleansingWe have Mikimoto Cosmetics’ shampoo, conditioner, body soap.
Floor plan
Special Japanese Room [KAMISHIMA] Floor plan