Concept room for direct experience of the culture of Mie Prefecture
The traditional Japanese room interior employs elements such as fusuma (sliding paper doors) and ranma (carved wooden panels above the sliding doors that divide the rooms) decorated with traditional Ise stencil designs. Kumiko ranma (ranma make of wood pieces assembled into intricate grid designs) are an element of traditional Japanese culture that is thought to have arisen in connection with respect for and careful use of natural materials in short supply, because of the small-diameter trees such as Japanese cedar and cypress that grow in large numbers in Japan. Kumiko ranma in an intricate hemp-leaf design formed by wood pieces assembled without nails can be seen in the concept room.
  • Bathroom with relaxation functions
Floor plan

It consists of 8 jo and 10 jo Japanese rooms.
You can remove the fusuma and use it as one large room or two independent rooms.
It has 2 bathrooms so it is great for 3 generation families or staying with multiple families.

Japanese room "Kamishima"
Number of rooms
1 room
4 people
Check in
14:00-(Check out 11:00)
Special feature
Banko teapots in an original design for Shiojitei (designed in collaboration with Suigetsu Toen, a Mie brand certified business operator). Banko tea bowls in an original design for Shiojitei used to serve powdered green tea to guests. Ise cotton kimono or Ise stencil dyed cotton kimono. Three types of hinoki (cypress) fragrances inspired by the Ise Grand Shrine.
/ Non smoking

We have amenity from “MIKIMOTO COSMETICS” of MIKIMOTO Group who was successful in farming pearls for the first time in the world.

“Amino acid”, “mineral”, and “collagen” produced only from pearl.


We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, face lotion, cleansing, milky lotion, and cream from the local company, MIKIMOTO COSMETICS.
Amino acid, mineral and collagen contained in the products of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS are extracted only from pearls and pearl oyster.
MIKIMOTO COSMETICS' secret of the moisture is these three scares natural ingredients that cannot be found anywhere but from pearls.
  • Floor
  • Number of rooms
  • Size
  • Maximum capacity
Room equipment and goods

Electric pot, TV, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, tea set

Pants press, Humidifier
*Please ask for one when you make reservation and when you stay here.


Yukata, obi, tanzen, towel, bathrobe, pajama, toothbrush, hair brush, razor, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, face wash, cleansing

We have MIKIMOTO COSMETICS’ shampoo, conditioner, body soap.

Look for the accommodation plan in the Japanese Room "Kamishima"

tripadviser 2018

Trip Advisor Award
Shiojitei received the “2018 Certificate of excellence “from the largest trip review site in the world, Trip Advisor”. This is only given to the selected hotels that provide excellent service continuously.



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