Experience Japanese Culture


Japanese culture experienced at Shiojitei

You can enjoy various unique culture of Japan such as Japanese food, bath, yukata and maccha.

Enjoy Teppan-yaki

Teppan-yaki is a type of Japanese food that you enjoy meat and fish cooked on a hot iron plate.
Special chefs will handle the food brilliantly. It is very special and is one of the foods that is chosen for a special day. At the teppan-yaki restaurant, “Kiyoishi” at Shiojitei, we cook specially selected food for our guests such as Matsuzaka beef that is known as the best beef in Japan, lobster, and abalone
“Being able to watch what you are going to eat in front of you” is the attraction of teppan-yaki, but we also have various types of sake that was brewed in the local area.
Please enjoy the excellent harmony of the best teppan-yaki and sake.
  • matusaka-beef

    Matsuzaka Beef

  • ise-ebi


  • abalone


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Teppan-yaki “Kiyoishi”

Enjoy "Modern Kaiseki"

In Kaiseki, each food is cooked with techniques and great attention to detail.
The characteristic is that ingredient that represent each season is produced in food and subtle senses of Japanese is represented everywhere.
“Modern Kaiseki” provided at Dining “Shiraishi” at Shiojitei is fusion between the essence of French that has been loved for a long time at Toba International Hotel and Japanese and evolved in to the new style of cross between Japanese and Western. At “Shiraishi, you can enjoy specially selected luxurious produce such as Matsuzaka beef, lobster, and abalone as well as freshly vegetable grown in our garden. All of our seats are semi-private.
Please relax and enjoy your dinner at the fine quality private space.


  • meet

    Grilled Prawns and Fresh Fish with Steamed Vegetables topped with Colbert Sauce

  • shiraishi

    At Dining “Shiraishi”, all seats and semi-private and we offer fine quality private space.
    (Please understand that not all seats are next to the window.)

  • drink

    At Shiojitei, you can enjoy local brewed sake (jizake).

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Dining “Shiraishi”

How to take a bath

After taking off your clothes in the changing room, please bring a towel and come in to the bathroom.
First, wash your body at the shower and then go in to the tub.
When you go in the tub, pull your hair up so it does not soak in the tub and do not put the towel you brought in the bath either.
It is against the manner to scrub your body in the bath.
When you go back into the changing room, cover your body with towel and wipe the moisture off your body before going back.


how to take bath

  • pearl-aurora
  • therapeutic

At Shiojitei, you can enjoy two types of bath.

At Shiojitei “Tokowaka no Yu”, you can enjoy two types of bath, “pearl aurora bath” and “medical treatment hot spring”.
“Pearl aurora bath” is the original open air bath of Shiojitei and it contains pearl substance. Pearl conchiolin and pearl collagen will make your skin glorious and moisturized.
“Medical treatment hot spring” is said to be effective for recovering from fatigue, bad circulation, joint pain and muscle pain so you can recover from your daily fatigue.

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Pearl Aurora Bath

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Medical treatment
hot spring

Experience wearing "Ise Katagami" yukata

At Shiojitei, we want our guest to spend wonderful and fulfilled time at the hotel so we have beautifully designed yukata dyed with “Ise Katagami” which is a traditional artwork of Mie and designated as an important intangible cultural asset.
This special yukata is available for women who are staying at the high class guest room with open air bath “premium suite”.
For other guest, we rent it for 3000 yen (tax not included).
“Ise Katagami” has very artistic pattern and is evaluated highly as a work of art.
I hope you can have a memorable trip in Japan by wearing this yukata with decorative pattern that is filled with Japonism.


How to wear a yukata
  • Put on the right side.
    Hold on to the right side. Fold the extra and adjust the length. Make sure that the collar is not folded.
  • Put on the left side.
    Se the left side and fold the end at the hip. The point is to make the bottom straight.
  • Tighten the belt
    Put the belt on top of the folded edge. Bring the belt from front to the bottom, cross it in the back, pull it from the front and tie it in a bow. Then, slide the belt to the right and bring it to the back.

Enjoy "Maccha"

At the lobby lounge “Sanok” you can enjoy maccha (It is not free).




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